Vista Housing for Seniors is a significant provider of quality affordable apartment options for seniors who live in the Edmonton region.

Our dream for the future is expanding so that we may continue to meet the ever-changing needs of those we serve. Our long-standing culture of caring for Alberta's elderly population demonstrates our ongoing commitment.

Our organization was originally formed in 1982 and up until October of 2014 we operated under the name Norwood Seniors Housing Association.

We at Vista Housing for Seniors embrace a Vision of "Looking to the future while yet embracing our past" and we believe our new business name embodies that same vision. Definition of vista (noun): 1. a large number of things that may be possible in the future or 2. an extensive mental view (as over a stretch of time or a series of events).

Our Mission is to enhance the health and wellbeing of Alberta's senior citizen population through the provision of safe, well-maintained, affordable housing options with varying amenities, including opportunities for social, recreational and spiritual involvement.

Key to the viability and longevity of our business is our ability to foster solid relationships with our stakeholders. We believe that by nourishing and developing these relationships we will establish a solid foundation and align our organizational values.

Our housing portfolio now encompasses 14 apartment buildings within the City of Edmonton with a total of 629 apartments for senior households. Our organization works diligently to ensure a high standard of safe and affordable housing options for our tenants.

Vista Housing for Seniors is a Management Body established by Ministerial Order under the Alberta Housing Act. Our member, Norwood Seniors Services Assoc., is a non-profit charitable organization under the Alberta Companies Act. For more information on membership, volunteer opportunities, and the charitable efforts of Norwood Seniors Services Assoc. (N.S.S.A. - Serving Seniors) please visit their website at www.nssaseniors.com. Norwood Seniors Services Assoc.'s mandate is to "provide services and amenities which are designed to enhance the quality of life and independent living of the low income senior citizen tenants".

Norwood Seniors Services Association

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